• We use Design Thinking as one of the tools to develop strategies that lead to meaningful solutions, co-created with all stakeholders, to result in business transformation.
  • Design Thinking is a human-centred methodology that help identify, develop and deliver on Business Transformation concepts creatively and efficiently. New Ideas are adopted if they are aligned to people's thinking.


  • Real innovation results in introducing new product-service experiences to create value in a business, in understanding the changing customer expectations or in expanding existing markets.


  • Also, by bringing business, IT and other disciplines together speeds up the pace of decision-making. We create a balance between the desirability with viability and feasibility.


Collaboration spaces can have a big influence on the creativity of participants. It requires space with lots of natural light and plenty of wall surfaces for posting artifacts.   We have taken into consideration that the venue for the training will be organised by Transnet.
The programme comprises of a 2-day instructor-led Virtual led training including practical work, including research, exercises and practical group work.