Based on the Design Thinking method:

  • Design Sprint is a 3-4-day design invasion to help our clients answer critical business questions through a rapid process of ideation, prototyping and user testing.
  • Sprints let teams reach clearly defined goals and deliverable's and gain key leanings, quickly.
  • The process also helps spark innovation, encourage user cantered thinking, collaboration and help get your product to launch faster

Who can benefit from a Design Sprint:

  • Organisations looking at ways to transform or enter new markets
  • Entrepreneurs with a need to convert unrefined ideas into products/services
  • Start-ups with obstacles preventing them from finding opportunities to innovate
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs often do not have the capacity to hire full time resources to help with strategizing/marketing of their products/services.

We mobilise an experienced multi-disciplinary team consisting of a Design Thinking facilitator, User Researcher, UX designer, Developer, Product Manager and Business Model Advisor to work on your idea/product for the week resulting in a prototype that’s validated through testing and ready for market.

In our Design Sprints, we use a framework that supports both divergent thinking (creative brainstorming that results in multiple possible solutions) and convergent thinking (using defined, logical steps to arrive at one solution).