Collaborative Social Responsibility

The platform’s main objective is to use our technical capabilities in addressing the Corona-Virus pandemic.
In addition, we will assist organisations to re-purpose their existing products and services into COVID-19 Socially Responsible innovations.

The move is made to be early enough to teach and learn about the transformation of a freely moving society into a caring society that turns stronger socially and commercially despite the Corona Pandemic. The execution of all possible measures concerns the protection of human society and diminish the risk yet avoiding an outbreak of the Corona Virus infection.

As still some foreign country leaders and commercial interests yield over, Africa is acting united.
A concerted effort is needed to undertake reasonable measures to avoid an outbreak in Africa.
A concerted effort is also needed to diminish the risk of panicking and the rise of anxiety-rooted actions – as observed in India these days.


The root cause of an outbreak is a highly infectious virus in combination with its invisibility. This is turning individual human mobility, pre-existing healthcare diseases, unknown countermeasures and unawareness into a toxic cocktail.

We leverage this through the triangularity of explaining – understanding – deploying.

Current projects: Coco-help

  • CoCoHelp is a smart BI Cockpit offered by Barweshi Consulting and Team.
  • CoCoHelp is more than the BI Data Dashboard as observed from technology providers.

CoCoHelp is a truly African Smart BI Cockpit that captures country and continent access, offering additional features and functions:

  • Local and International Best Practices
  • Tutorials enhanced by visual, voice and text
  • Engagement and Impact Awareness Strategy
  • Engagement and Impact Awareness Build
  • Individual, Institutional and Governmental Addressing
  • Communication Planning and Execution
  • CoCoHelp fosters ZERO infection for citizens and businesses in Africa.
  • CoCoHelp introduces a Project Implementation Framework built our multi-side, cloud and change based programs.

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Coco-help tutorials

  • Communication Is Essential - In A Pandemic Or Any Other Crisis Intervention, The How-to And Whom-to-reach Is A Multi-persona Effort.
  • Communication Needs To Be Enjoyable And Easy To Understand. Words To Be Chosen With Care And Down To Earth.

Engagement & Communication Strategy

CocoHelp Initiative Partnerships